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Dis-coloured Teeth can be a huge source of anxiety and embarrassment for many people. I see patients every day who see the single most important issue they have with their teeth is their dis-colouration.

We are a certified provider of Zoom Whitening, providing an in-house whitening treatment that gives results that are many shades lighter in a short period of time. This may indeed give you a smile that you will want to show off.

For some people at home whitening is the treatment of choice, and we also offer this. We can guide you to what is a more suitable choice for your desires. A consultation will help in assessing which treatment will give you the most benefit.

Our Mission

“Our practice exists to provide quality and comprehensive care to our patients.
The range of services we provide optimize our patient’s oral health.
We strive to offer patients options that allow them to be part of their own continuing health.
We aspire to provide a consistent service that allows our patients and team to smile”