Sleep Apnea isn’t just snoring or keeping your partner awake (if you have a partner)….

It’s a medical condition that can impact your health and quality of life. It’s almost ironic that most patients wanting to do something about their snoring are doing it for their partners sakes and not for themselves, mostly unaware of the danger and stress that they are putting their body under.

As a recent patient said “As the wife of a chronic snorer I have felt the impact of disturbed sleep and it’s been a journey trying to educate and enable my husband with the information he needs to finally do something about it! Dr Sojka has changed our lives. The whole procedure was effortless and informative. We all know diet and exercise are key factors to longevity, but without adequate healthy sleep our advanced years may not be quite what we picture.’’

Some of the symptoms that our patients sometimes talk about include lack of concentration, feeling tired all the time, easily falling asleep as a passenger in a car, and not feeling refreshed upon waking.

Some of the harmful effects from disturbed sleep include an increase in blood pressure, and changes to your body’s normal metabolism thereby perhaps increasing weight. Long term medical problems include hypertension and diabetes. Recent studies have also indicated that there are links to dementia.

Our health questionnaires are used to ascertain if it is a breathing or airway issue, and the use of an Epworth score will establish whether a referral to a sleep physician will be beneficial. All of this is designed to work out whether a specifically designed appliance can positively improve your sleep (not all individuals are candidates for sleep appliances). If so, in liason with your GP and a sleep physician, one of the ways we can help is by designing a dental appliance for you. We can fabricate a splint or appliance that will assist with re-positioning the lower jaw resulting in a wider airway that will allow for uninterrupted breathing and a good nights sleep.

The improvement to your quality of life may be marked with improved concentration, memory and general good health. And your partner may stop ‘’accidentally’’ kicking you whilst you sleep!

Our Mission

“Our practice exists to provide quality and comprehensive care to our patients.
The range of services we provide optimize our patient’s oral health.
We strive to offer patients options that allow them to be part of their own continuing health.
We aspire to provide a consistent service that allows our patients and team to smile”