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We welcome all ages in our practice. We are dental guardians for our younger patients, ensuring that they begin their adult years with an excellent start. That start may involve the use of fissure sealants to protect teeth from getting decays, x rays every so often to ensure there are no holes in between the teeth, and assessing a person’s orthodontic needs.

We are then able to take people through their twenties and thirties with dietary analysis and help so that they don’t start getting decays, and then the utilisation of specific gum examination so that the problematic gum disease that can cause heart disease is discovered and seen to before it actually causes any tooth loss or major problems. Many of our patients come to us for cleaning and maintenance. This is ideal because it is preventive dentistry and problems can be dealt with before they become serious and require more major treatment.

We can also do implants for those people that may have lost teeth, and crowns and veneers if they are required as well.

We realise that this is the best scenario for you and your family and we understand that some patients get busy and may forget to have regular checkups and might only decide to see a dentist when issues crop up and that is fine with us.

We have an emergency slot every day so that we can accommodate those people that are in pain and need to be seen quickly.

If you would like to get in touch with us to find out more about our services please contact is via our phone number on (02) 9524 7080 or fill in the quick form here.

Our Mission

“Our practice exists to provide quality and comprehensive care to our patients.
The range of services we provide optimize our patient’s oral health.
We strive to offer patients options that allow them to be part of their own continuing health.
We aspire to provide a consistent service that allows our patients and team to smile”