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Cosmetic Dental Treatments are becoming more sought after as part of our usual dental treatments. There is an increased desire for people to not only fix and repair issues with their teeth, but to work on the appearance of the teeth. People sometimes have the perception that cosmetic dentistry is expensive, but with the correct treatment planning this can often be resolved in a very cost effective manner.

We offer both Composite and Porcelain Veneers which can be an effective way of restoring ‘gappy’, crooked, misshapen or chipped teeth. We also offer in-house Zoom whitening or take home whitening kits if staining or discolouring is concerning you.’’. Our hope is that our patients find their smile visually appealing and love to smile.

Our Mission

“Our practice exists to provide quality and comprehensive care to our patients.
The range of services we provide optimize our patient’s oral health.
We strive to offer patients options that allow them to be part of their own continuing health.
We aspire to provide a consistent service that allows our patients and team to smile”