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Dr Paul Sojka

I am a Melbourne University graduate (I was born there) and have been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years. In that time so much has changed about dentistry which for me has been a good thing because it means I am continually expanding my knowledge with continuing education and experience.

“There is always more to learn”

I continue to have a passion for dentistry that inspires me through my working day. I am committed to providing good quality and thorough dental treatment that has the patient’s best interest at heart in every aspect of what I offer and recommend and I hope my patients can feel this.

It is my desire to provide independent ethical dental treatment and I have staff that are also committed to this. We endeavor to provide each patient with a warm and welcoming experience from their very first appointment.

I like my patients to feel that they are a key part of our practice and together with my staff we like to take the time to personally get to know you. That way we can have more of an understanding of your expectations within dentistry and deliver a satisfying result. And hopefully, it is a bit more fun and personable too.

Our comfortable and relaxed surroundings, and possibly a cuddle from our part-time therapy dog Olly, can help to settle some patients who are feeling a little anxious.

Why I like practicing in Miranda

What I like about having a practice in the Sutherland Shire is the stability of the population. It is not unusual for me to see three to four generations of the same family, from grandchild to grandparent and I love that. As well as the enjoyment I get from treating the same family, it also allows me to spot genetic links that may be pertinent to their dental health. Gingivitis and gum disease can be hereditary, as can oral cancer, absent or malformed teeth and other common oral disorders. Knowing and seeing the family’s history can help me to help my patients.

I like that Miranda is a vibrant rapidly growing suburb. As we know it is 24 kms south of the Sydney CBD with great public transport making it easily accessible. And easily accessible to my practice. Miranda is known as a commercial centre for the southern suburbs, and also has great access to allied health professionals if required.

Miranda Dental Health - Dr. Paul with his Dog

Our Mission

“Our practice exists to provide quality and comprehensive care to our patients.
The range of services we provide optimize our patient’s oral health.
We strive to offer patients options that allow them to be part of their own continuing health.
We aspire to provide a consistent service that allows our patients and team to smile”